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Breo iNeck Air 2
Inflatable Neck Massager

Rechargeable massage travel pillow. Support neck and relieve neck pain, enjoy a neck massage anywhere and anytime.

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iNeck Air 2

At the touch of a button, the iNeck Air 2 can inflate and deflate, keeping your packing footprint to the minimum and is built with travellers in mind. Sophisticated heat technology allows you to soothe even the sorest of muscles with its self-heating capabilities.

Two rotating multi-node massage heads, designed to give you a professional-therapist-grade kneading massage, focus on the nape and sides of your neck. Choose from two different massage modes based on acupressure techniques.

The iNeck Air 2 is low-noise, so that you can enjoy a massage anytime and anywhere without disturbing those around you. Running low on battery? No problem! Charge the iNeck Air 2 via USB when you’re on the go.


The iNeck Air 2 is built for travel. Its ability to inflate and deflate at the touch of a button makes it the perfect traveling companion. Compact, ultra-light, and portable, the iNeck Air packs everything you need into a small footprint.


Two rotating multi-node massage heads are designed to give you a professional kneading massage. Utilizing heating therapy and 3 adjustable modes, iNeck air 2 customizes relaxation for your neck to promote blood circulation and relieve muscle pain.


The rechargeable battery via a USB makes the iNeck Air 2 portable and easy to travel with.


Crafted with comfort in mind, the iNeck Air 2 fits comfortably with C-shaped neck support, leaving your hands free. It’s design follows the contours of the neck and focuses on specific target areas such as the sides and nape of the neck.


The iNeck Air 2 was designed with real experiences in mind. The iNeck Air 2 is low-noise, so that you can enjoy a massage anytime and anywhere without disturbing those around you.

Product Parameters

Net weight
Rated voltage
Rated power
310L*300W*100H mm
Charging Time
3.5 hrs
Battery Life
Upon full charging, the product can be used 10 times if it is used for 10 min (MODE 1, MODE 2) or 30min (MODE 3) every time.
12 Months

Customer Reviews

5 / 5

Vincent M

1 year ago

recommend it

It relieves my neck pain, good product

Wayne A

1 year ago

Nice product

It massages my neck and relieves my neck pain, then I can keep coding..

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